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Monday Morning Rangers Update: Leaving Las Vegas

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The latest news and notes on the runaway Joey Gallo hype train

We're gonna need more photos of Joey Gallo
We're gonna need more photos of Joey Gallo
Rick Yeatts

I feel like there has been a concerted effort by the prospectophiles out there to tap the brakes a little on Joey Gallo. Particularly after a relatively meaningless Arizona Rookie League home run record began to outweigh the concerns that come with any first year player out of high school with a long swing.

Well, good luck with all of that.

I dare you to try to tell me that Joey Gallo isn't going to hit 100 home runs per season after the Vegas homecoming power display he put over the weekend. I dare you.

The Rangers split the two game stopover in Vegas this weekend against the Cubs. Additionally, the Rangers lost a game 4-3 to the Mariners in Peoria. Ron Matejko has twice the rapid reactions to yesterday's double feature.'s Carrie Muskat recaps the 8-5 victory by the Rangers over the Cubs with the story being the trio of home runs hit by Mitch Moreland, Gallo, and Jose Felix.

Jeff Wilson writes about Robbie Ross' outing yesterday in Vegas. Ross needed 78 pitches to get through three innings but was also dealing with sinus congestion.

Behind the DMN paywall, Gerry Fraley writes that Ross has been inefficient this spring and that has left final spot in the rotation up for grabs. Or, as Fraley quotes Greg Maddux as saying to Ross about his outing, "You could have thrown a shutout with 260 pitches."

Greg Johns recaps the Peoria game where the Rangers fell to the Mariners. Michael Kirkman started for the Rangers and threw three perfect innings to continue his stellar spring.

In fact, based on some comments made by Mike Maddux during the game in Vegas, and as Drew Davison writes, Kirkman has been so impressive this spring that yesterday might have been a tell that the Rangers are considering stretching Kirkman out to audition for the fifth starter spot.

Matejko has a piece on the fifth starter job - and really, who doesn't? - wherein he runs down the list of candidates and concludes that this past weekend didn't provide much clarity on the situation and that may have the Rangers looking for an outside arm.

In T.R. Sullivan's Notebook, he has a different take on the fifth starter pursuit. Sullivan writes that with Kyle McClellan out, the Rangers are more likely searching for bullpen help rather than looking to add another starter.

Sullivan has other notes on Ross' thriftless day, Gallo's rad weekend, and various other notes.

One possibility in the bullpen, as Fraley writes behind the DMN paywall, is the "fascinating" submariner Ben Rowen.

Anthony Andro continues his position-by-position look at the AL West by taking a gander at SS and rightfully crowning Elvis Andrus as the king of west coast baseball.

Gil LeBreton has a column on the latest regarding the Biogenesis scandal and writes that Bud Selig could be coming hard after Nelson Cruz soon. Can Joey Gallo play right?

Davison has a video of Pudge Rodriguez in Ranger camp. Pudge Rodriguez is in Ranger camp. That's all that really needs to be said.

Lastly, for AJM, here's Robbie Ross being a crazy person: