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Yahoo! Comments in Response to Passan on Ryan

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Jeff Passan wrote a column in which he said Nolan Ryan was acting like a "big baby." Yahoo! commenters weren't happy.

Thomas B. Shea

A few days ago, Jeff Passan, a baseball columnist with Yahoo! Sports, wrote a column in which he said Ranger CEO Nolan Ryan was acting like a "big baby" in the way he has responded to the promotions of Jon Daniels and Rick George.

Internet commenters are known for having mature, rational responses to controversial arguments, and the commenters on this article are no different. As of the moment I am writing this, there are 1,439 comments.

Here is a representative sample:

  • hey passnuts, why don't you look ryan in the eye and call him a "baby"? yes, i would love to see that !!

  • Looking at the autographed photo of Nolan Ryan pounding Robin Ventura hanging on my office wall. Wonder if this guy would get half way to the mound and wonder "What the hell am I doing? That's freakin' Nolan Ryan!"

  • Here's an idea for Jeff Pisson. Since you know everything call the owners and ask for Mr. Ryan's job. Work a little harder and pass Mr. Ryan as baseball's all-time strike out leader and no hit leader. Even better, just make it to the bigs and record one measley strike out before you criticize someone who has forgotten more about the game than you will ever know. If you're gonna criticize someone make sure you are better at their job than they are before your criticize them.

  • I say get rid of Nolan Ryan. since he has been involved with the team they have gone from losers to contenders every year. Who wants that? Cut him lose and let the RAYS move to the second round of the playoffs.

  • Rangers need Ryan, Ryan could be Governor if he wanted, quite easily.

  • I think Passan has written a B.S. story just to get the Rangers' fans #$%$.
    Daniels may be a financial man & 15, but Ryan is the P.R. man with knowledge
    of the game, & a headlock he could show this deadbead Yahoo writer.

  • They wright about this, and meanwhile a Football team in Dallas has a meddling owner that is really screwing things up.

  • I Have been following the Rangers since they came from Washington--they have had many excellent players and many older (once excellent players over the years) (was this to put fans into the stands???) THE RANGERS needed pitching forever and once Ryan came and we started a good scouting program and paying the good talent then we started winning and appearing in the WS.....I am sure there were many other folks who contributed to the change. One more point, not a lot of players like playing in 100 degree heat 90+ days a year, so it is not all about money...By the way Jeff, dig a little deeper and do a little history search on the Rangers and see when the CHANGE started.....maybe Mr. Ryan will not be so much of a baby in your eyes.

  • don't charge at him, he'll bust you up

  • don't feel bad Nolan, Texas screwed over Michael Young too. perhaps the Phillies could use you :)

  • Jeff, sorry to disagree with your illogical thought process. Nolan Ryan took over that position and the team has been great ever since. Went to the WS twice and yet you wish to downplay his role. Looking at the history of it I would say you lack hindsight and have no real explanation for your article other than you had drinks with the owners at a press conferance and thought they were nice guys.

  • i like how the writer of this story can come out and bash ryan for everything hes done for the team but wont say anything about the well known joke known as the "Cowboys"

    i wish someone would take your position and you can go back to writing quick stories on the street corner for a dollar

  • If Joe Schultz were alive today he'd tell nolan to throw em some low smoke and go in and pound some budwieser

  • Passan. You are a joke. There is very little truth to anything you wrote in this article. Nolan Ryan deserves most of the credit for the revival of the Rangers over the last few years. Jeff Daniels wants more credit than he deserves. Daniels has already proven he has no business being in charge of player personnel. Nolan Ryan should be the President of baseball operations.

    Basically what happened here is they stripped Ryan of a lot of things he was in charge of. What makes it worse is they didnt even bother talking to him about it until it was already done. Cowardly is what I would call it.

    Nolan Ryan is baseball royalty here in Texas. Jeff Daniels is someone no fan really cares about.

  • nolan built the rangers into what they are, they would be a scrub team without him, no worries my astros will pick him up

  • Agree with this: Ryan should move on. The Rangers, who were completely incompetent as an organization before he got there, can slide right back into the abyss. As an Angels fan there is nothing I would rather see than Ryan out of the front office. Ryan deserves better. And when Texas ends up at .500 this year, it will expose Passan as a clown too.

  • Jeff Passan is a total idiot. Daniels is the villain here, and everyone in the DFW area knows it. They're the ones trying to force Nolan out.

  • Jeff who ? Does this clown really think that 8 years , as a journalist ( and I use the term loosely) gives him the right to accuse and condemn a LEGEND ? Award winning huh ? Must have gotten the award , for working on his high school paper , or the yearbook staff ! Last time I checked , a good Journalist Sustantiated his OPINION , with facts or case histories or something besides mindless banter . I bet the Dean At Syracuse is wishing they would have left their name out of it !

  • Nolan needs to give Jeff Passan the same treatment he gave Robin Ventura. Seriously though, unless Passan is actually in the Rangers organization, writing an article like this (which seems to be based solely on rumor) is irresponsible journalism. "Yahoo Expert" LOL

  • It is glaringly obvious Passan not only never played the game but has absolutely no clue of Baseball etiquette or "Passion". General Managers are only as good as the people around them and when Ryan brought his blue collar, nose to the grind stone and ole' school traditions, the Rangers went from a single element team whose past records laden the team as a door mat to one of the most balanced and premier ball clubs in M.L.B. and this little snot nosed kid GM smoozes what this HOF icon has brought to the table? Why doesn't Passan interview Ventura about Ryans' strength

  • Jeff Passan , HACK! This is a slanderous pile of garbage ... Where are your facts, direct quotes from ownership, players, staff. Where is the evidence that supports your personal barrage of one of baseballs greatest. Journalist degrees at Syracuse must not be all that hard to come by if this boob has one. ... While Daniels is a decent GM (for his age and lack of real baseball experience) he was failing at building a consistent winner and developing a top notch farm system. Once Ryan arrived, and took control of personnel development, the Rangers began to turn the corner. If passan knew what he was talking about , he'd know that Daniels answered to Ryan on personnel, and it is never the business guys that win games , it is the players. Now that has been unceremoniously stripped from Ryan and given to daniels. Id be a bit peeved if someone else was taking all the credit for my hard work ...Id certainly be less of a gentleman than Ryan has been. Daniels should be credited for heeding the sage advice of the Express and picking people Ryan chose , not for being the catalyst in the Rangers ascent. Maybe jeff has a little man crush on Daniels and should ask him out before he butters his bread.

  • Um he has earned the right to be upset. Two WS in two years is VERY impressive. I am a WSOX fan and would gladly take two playoff appearances in a row let alone two WS. Worst article I have read on yahoo and thats saying quite a bit.

  • After damn near putting together a baseball team that completed for a world champingship 2 years in a roll, how the Rangers treat Nolan Ryan like sh_t! If I were Ryan, I'd call the Astros and see if he can help the Astros! #$%$ on the Rangers!

  • So Passan has covered baseball since 2004. How long has Nolan Ryan covered baseball?
    What happened Jeff, did one of the greatest pitchers of all time not give you a great big hug?
    Grow up!

  • Nolan Ryan has had a lot more to do with the Texas Rangers becoming an American League power than Passan is giving him credit for. Before Ryan's assendency in the Front Office how many American League Pennants did Texas win? After? Passan should look up the answers to those questions before going on his ridiculous tirade against Ryan.

  • Hey passan! What is your award for, taking sides? You're an idiot! Not one quote of what you call Ryan a cry baby for. Poor article, poor reporting, and if you were on my payroll writing artiles such as this, I would fire your butt, and give you very bad references to where ever you applied for work. But I'm sure the liberal media is proud of you.

  • Nolie believes in hard work and self reliance, which is now illegal and heavily punished right?

  • Passan must have an axe to grind with Ryan. About as objective as a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan. Ryan has earned the right to engage in upper management struggles using all means available to him. Idiot Passan, this is what happens in big corporations! Get out of your mushroom world. You are supposed to write about things you know!

  • Jeff Passan: How much bribe you got paid by the owner or Jeff Daniels or someone else? You are award winner? Who the 'F' gave you any award? It's simple. Current Owner is power hungry. He let his partner go. Now he is trying to get rid of Ryan. He wants to be big a shot all by himself.

  • I don't follow the Rangers that much, but it seems to me that Mr Ryan brought some common sense back to that front office. He turned that franchise around. Now the new owners want to push him aside like that?

  • tell us how the Rangers were before Nolan came and how they were after he came! Nuf said. Yahoo "experts" are NOT

  • Jeff Passan is an idiot. Nolan turned this team from one of the worst ever to a contender. He made our pitching staff legit. The new owners are the ones screwing up. Jeff Passan is the only fool I've heard saying this garbage.

  • Have you people not a clue, Ryan is the Texas Rangers. He by far was the Rangers most popular player in history. With the way the team has been playing lately I don't care what Ryan demands, he's a Texas god, give it to him. The Rangers are relevant and while he isn't the only person who deserves credit, he sure has helped! Losing him will not in any way benefit the team.

  • Don't make Nolan Ryan go all Robin Ventura on your #$%$z!

  • The author is too young to appreciate Nolan Ryan. Nolan is one REAL BIG reason people are in the stands.

  • Hey Passan if your jealous of Nolan Ryan because you liked Jim Palmar or
    who ever next time you wright about somebody you should get your facts right.

  • Passan- The last guy to publicly challenge Ryan was Robin Ventura. We all know how that ended.

  • Passan, DON"T mess with TEXAS, we know people who can give you a noggie

  • as a reporter you need to do the story as it stands and not as you want the news to be,dont make news from nothing so people will read your #$%$ and get the wrong idea. you stink and need to get a real job. Nolan has done great things for the Rangers and he did it with out you. Go find another job.