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FanGraphs Team By Team Positional Power Rankings

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FanGraphs Team By Team Positional Power Rankings


FanGraphs has done a series where they rank each of the 30 teams at each position, doing a "Power Ranking" of projected fWAR for each team by position.

The links for each position are as follows:


First base

Second base

Third base

Short stop

Left field

Center field

Right field

Designated Hitter

The Rangers were 8th in the majors at left field and right field, 14th in center and at catcher, 2nd at shortstop and third base, 3rd at second base and DH, and 20th at first base.

These projections highlight that, in terms of the everyday lineup they are rolling out there, the Rangers should be in very good shape...they are projected to be among the best in the majors at three positions, well above average at three others, about average at two positions, and below average only at first base.

It also emphasizes that the infield is the strength of this team...particularly if Mitch Moreland has the breakout season in 2013 so many think he's going to have.

In any case, all the writeups are good stuff, so be sure to check it out...