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Wednesday Morning Links

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Derek Holland says that it's the Summer of Derek

You're no Yu Darvish
You're no Yu Darvish

Anthony Andro takes a look at the AL West left-fielders, from Mike Trout in Anaheim to whatever the opposite of Mike Trout is in Houston. Although Mike Trout is a left fielder in Anaheim the same way that Alex Rodriguez was a third baseman ten years ago in New York.

A number of players were reassigned to minor league camp, among them sacrificial lamb Yoshi Tateyama and the three contenders for World's Worst Spring: Kevin Meeks, Collin Balester, and Neal Cotts (spoiler alert: they were all winners). Probably the name of most interest among the casualties was Mike Olt, who the club wants to get regular playing time that will prove scarce in Arlington. Engel Beltre was also sent down, though Ron Washington was impressed by him.

Alexi Ogando gave up two homers Tuesday, but feels he's getting close to where he needs to be for Opening Day (sitting on the bench while Matt Harrison or Yu Darvish starts). T.R. Sullivan quotes Ron Washington saying that Ogando is progressing, though it hard's to go anywhere from his early outings but up..

Derek Holland says that this is the "Summer of Derek."

I think this a rerun: Lance Berkman proposed to his fiancee by breaking into the TCU football field.

Among the FWST's Ranger notes is Leonys Martin becoming an American citizen.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column says that Yu Darvish's mystery neck issue continues to bother him, though Gerry Fraley says he's expected to pitch Saturday..

Alexi Ogando tried pitching from the stretch on Tuesday, but, like many such things that Yu Darvish does, it was much better when Yu Darvish does it. Ogando and Washington both see some positives from the outing.

Good news, everyone! Scott Feldman made the Cubs' rotation, and may face the Rangers early in the season.

Ron Matejko has his rapid reactions to Tuesday's game.

And contra Jeff Wilson, Ron Washington says Derek Lowe is not a candidate for the rotation.