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Thursday Morning Links

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Which Kevin Spacey character is Scott Boras?


Anthony Andro looks at the AL West centerfield situation, and pronounces the Angels the top of the heap. But that's only until Josh Hamilton develops shambling zombieism from too much pancake batter and Mike Trout sees Joseph of Arimathea and ascends to heaven. He ranks the probable Texas duo of Martin and Gentry behind the Oakland duo of Crisp and Young.

Gil Lebreton says that the Kyle Lohse rumors won't go away, probably because Scott Boras is like the Kevin Spacey character in House of Cards. Also, and I'm just guessing here, I bet he's also a bit like the Kevin Spacey character in Swimming with Sharks.

Gerry Fraley predicts the 25 man Opening Day roster. Via slideshow. Mother father CHINESE DENTIST.

Gerry Fraley also says that Mitch Moreland is in the best shape of his life.

Will Nellie Cruz continue his march toward replacement playerdom in 2013? The DMN points out that he has yet to find his power stroke so far this spring.

Jim Adduci is still hanging around, surprisingly enough.

ESPN Dallas compiles the Rangers' Final Four predictions.

And Bud Norris will be the Astros' Opening Day starter, though it has not yet been determined if Darvish or Harrison will start for