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Sunday morning Rangers stuff

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Sunday morning Rangers news and links


The Rangers won, 6-2, yesterday. Elvis hit a 400+ foot homer and Yoshi is back. Everything is coming up Milhouse!

Jeff Wilson's game story sings the praises of Yu Darvish, who allowed just two runs, both on home runs.

The game story at the Ranger website hits on the performances of Darvish and Andrus yesterday.

Ron Matejko has his "Rapid Reaction" at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Gerry Fraley has a writeup from the game up at the DMN Rangers blog.

Ron Matejko thinks Yu Darvish looks ready for the regular season after yesterday's outing. T.R. Sullivan also writesthat Darvish looked really good.

One of Darvish's homers was allowed to Joey Votto, on the second big, slow curve Darvish threw him in the at bat. Gerry Fraley seems very concerned that Votto "showed up" Darvish after the home run, and seems very disappointed that Darvish isn't more upset about being "shown up." Fraley, no doubt, spent Saturday evening lamenting to his fellow scribes how players don't respect the "unwritten rules" anymore.

Wilson has a story in which he writes that, despite the fact the Rangers have scouts checking out players in other organizations and doing due diligence, it is unlikely that the Rangers make a move before Opening Day. Personally, I'd still be willing to bet the Rangers add a utility infielder from outside the organization, rather than going with Leury Garcia or Jurickson Profar.

Anthony Andro ranks the rotations in the A.L. West, and has Oakland, Texas and Anaheim ranked 1-2-3, though he says Texas only edges Anaheim based on the assumption that Colby Lewis is back in May.

Randy Galloway has a column in which he says that ownership screwed up this offseason, the front office was terrible, the team flopped at the end of last year and "obviously" isn't as good as it has been the previous three years, and the fans are being "gouged" by ticket hikes, but the fans are still buying tickets because they are great, even though everything associated with the organization is apparently awful.

The S-T's notes talk about David Murphy expecting to hit the free agent market, Colby Lewis expecting to throw batting practice this coming week, Michael Kirkman impressing folks, and the Yu Darvish section.

Sullivan's notes talk about Lewis, Kirkman, Derek Holland pitching the home opener, and Yangervis Solarte getting sent down.

Drew Davison asks Elvis Andrus about his top cities to visit when the Rangers are on the road.

And finally, Rant Sports asks about the future of Nelson Cruz. An excerpt:

With young outfield prospects such as Julio Borbon, Craig Gentry and Leonys Martin all very close to major league ready, I think it is time to let the young guys get some playing time. Not to mention the prospects that are a little farther behind such as Jairo Beras and Nomar Mazara. Both of whom are 17-year-old kids who the Rangers signed straight out of the Dominican Republic.

With this load of young players who are expected to be major league ready in the next year or two it would be a good idea for Cruz to mentor the young players. Especially the ones who share his home country of the Dominican. Cruz has a lot of experience and could relate to his countrymen very well. Unfortunately, a year or two from now that is all I can see Cruz doing.