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Yankees reportedly close to acquiring Vernon Wells

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The New York Yankees are reportedly close to acquiring outfielder Vernon Wells from the Anaheim Angels

Jamie Squire

Anaheim Angel outfielder (and best friend of Michael Young!) Vernon Wells is reportedly close to being traded to the New York Yankees.

Multiple national writers are saying on Twitter that Wells has waived his no-trade clause, and that a deal is close to being finalized.

Ken Rosenthal just tweeted that the Angels are picking up "at least" $32 million of the $42 million Wells is due.

This would close the chapter on a disastrous trade by Anaheim. They acquired Wells and his onerous contract from Toronto in exchange for Mike Napoli and Juan Rivera. Napoli was then sent to Texas, where he was a key part of two playoff teams. Wells has been worth 1.1 fWAR for the Angels over the past two seasons.

This is kind of bad news for Texas, as the presence of Wells could have cut into the playing time of defensive wizard Peter Bourjos. Now, the path is open for Anaheim to have a Trout/Bourjos/Hamilton outfield.

UPDATE -- Jon Heyman is saying that the Angels are paying $29 million, with the Yankees picking up the remaining $13 million.