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LSB Invades Minute Maid -- Tickets Have Arrived!

LSB Invades Minute Maid on 4/2/13 -- Tickets Have Arrived!


Okay, as folks here know by now, LSB is invading Minute Maid Park on April 2, 2013, for the second game of the season between Texas and Houston.

I have the tickets in my hot little hands. There are three ways you can get your tickets -- I can mail them out tomorrow, you can come to my office and pick them up, or I can have someone -- Ben, I guess -- outside one of the gates to hand them off if neither of the above will work. Please email me, let me know your screen name I'm using below, and let me know how you want to get your tickets.

The second game of the season was originally April 3, but with the schedule changes and Opening Day being moved to Sunday, it is now April 2. If you've already paid planning on attending on April 3, and now can't attend because it is April 2, please email me.

We've reserved a patio area in the centerfield area of Minute Maid called "Coke Corner," where we aren't going to be all close-in to the action, but where we can watch the game and hang out in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Coke Corner seats 50. We still have seats available, but once 50 people have paid, that's it -- I can't squeeze any more people in.

Here's the list of who has paid and is confirmed to attend. If you don't see your name on the list and think you've paid, email me. If you haven't paid but want to attend, send $40 per ticket to adamjmorris at gmail dot com with your LSB screen name.


Ben Morris



Brett Perryman

Jason Cole



HoustonOwl (X2)


AMGTX22 (X2)


Jobu (X2)

skyharbor (X3)

Tepid Participation

Redraider2k (X2)

Scruffy Nerfherder (X2)



Prashanth Francis

Mister Naxal (X3)

Trosey (X3)

Mike E (X4)

WyoRanger (X3)

alon (X2)

So we are at 42, which means there are just 8 seats still available. So if you were thinking about going and haven't committed, there's still time.