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Nick Tepesch Rangers' Fifth Starter, Michael Kirkman to Bullpen

Jon Daniels has announced that Nick Tepesch will be the Rangers' fifth starter

Nick Tepesch
Nick Tepesch

Kirk Bohls and Jeff Wilson both just tweeted that Rangers' general manager Jon Daniels has said that Nick Tepesch will be the Rangers' fifth starter, and Michael Kirkman will be in the bullpen to start the season.

Tepesch has been the surprise of the spring, going from a guy who didn't even have a picture in the photo database to a guy who, a few days ago, was seemingly close to nailing down a spot in the Opening Day rotation.

But Tepesch had a rough outing the last time out, and Michael Kirkman, who has had opportunities to win a starting job in the past, and failed so often that the Rangers seemingly had given up on him being anything other than a reliever, had seemingly thrust himself into the fifth starter competition.

But the Rangers have apparently already made their choice, giving Tepesch, who will start in the minor league game tomorrow, the nod, with Kirkman, starting the major league game, joining Robbie Ross as the lefties in the pen.