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Wednesday Morning Links.

Jeff Baker to mentor Leury Garcia in the art of eating sunflower seeds while waiting for charity innings.

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The FWST has a color piece on Joe Nathan, who is about as colorful as The 700 Club. He likes all types of music, and when asked about his ability to play the guitar as mentioned in the club media guide, he hastens to say he doesn't have any talent or anything he just apparently likes the way it looks or something. The only non-average thing about Joe Nathan, apparently, is his pitching.

Drew Davison sings the praises of Derek Lowe, who will fill the swingman role this season after posting a pretty good spring.

Matt Harrison says that he is ready for Sunday's game against Houston, despite being knocked around a bit by the White Sox yesterday.

T.R. Sullivan says that the Rangers hope Lance Berkman can be supply Michael Young's leadership and Josh Hamilton's durability on the 2013 team.

Sullivan also says that Harrison had a rough outing to finish out his Spring.

According to Gerry Fraley, the Rangers have not yet decided what to do with Julio Borbon, who is out of options. If they decide to open the season with a seven man bullpen, Borbon could make the team. Borbon believes that he is auditioning for a role on one of the other MLB teams, however.

A close friend of Nolan Ryan's says that it is 70-30 that Ryan will be leaving the Rangers. An interesting tidbit is that Daniels said, "I've learned a lot from him... hopefully that's mutual on some level," which is not the kind of "essential to the org" and "owe everything to him" lip-service I was expecting.

Ron Matejko has his rapid reaction to yesterday's loss to the White Sox.

Nick Tepesch will be the fifth starter, Michael Kirkman will be joining the bullpen and Leury Garcia will be the team's utility infielder. The rookies will have mentors, with Matt Harrison guiding Nick Tepesch and Jeff Baker teaching Leury Garcia.

Apparently the woman who shot Eddie Waitkus and inspired the book and movie adaptation The Natural died in December.

And finally, here's some eyecandy in the form of the women of the IDF.