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Friday a.m. Rangers things

Friday morning Rangers news and links


Its one of those Fridays that feels like a Saturday because its a holiday. And I don't have to work, so I slept late and links are late.

The Rangers played the Mexico City Red Devils in an exhibition at TBIA last night, and John Henry writes in his game story for the S-T that Yu Darvish was looking good.

Jim Reeves -- yes, Jim Reeves -- has a game story about the exhibition game at the Rangers' website.

Todd Wills, who, as I understand it, is taking over for Richard Durrett as the main Rangers' writer at ESPN Dallas, has a game story from the 12-1 victory against the Red Devils.

The Rangers' website also has a story about the Rangers' minor leaguers playing an exhibition against the Arizona Diamondbacks, and losing 9-3.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers' mission in 2013, after making the playoffs and falling short the past three years, is to claim the franchise' first World Series title.

Jeff Wilson has a story about Tanner Scheppers and Joe Ortiz making the Opening Day bullpen. So does Anthony Andro. So does Wills.

The S-T has a story about the new tailgating rules at TBIA, saying that the issue last year was with ticket holders not having anywhere to park because people who just came to the stadium to party in the parking lot had taken so many spots.

Gil Lebreton has a column where he says that Yu Darvish inspires confidence -- he quotes Darvish as saying he is more relaxed this season than he was last year -- but that the bullpen is worrisome.

Richard Durrett has a column on the five keys for the Rangers in 2013.

Andro has a story about the new giant concessions that the Rangers will be selling at TBiA.

Reeves' notes talk about the Rangers trying to trade Julio Borbon, Leonys Martin expected to start in center on Opening Day, and the battle for a spot in the Ranger bullpen.