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Martin Perez's Injury and Kyle Lohse

The instant reaction among national writers on Twitter was that Martin Perez's injury means the Rangers will go after Kyle Lohse.

Martin Perez
Martin Perez
Christian Petersen

So, Martin Perez, who was off to a strong start this spring, suffered a broken left ulna after being hit by a line drive back up the middle today. He won't begin throwing again for four weeks, which means he's probably looking at the beginning of May before he'd be ready to join the Ranger rotation. Before the injury, he was considered the favorite for the team's #5 starter job.

This prompted a predictable series of tweets from writers who have been pushing a Kyle Lohse to Texas narrative:

Now, if the sentiment among the Rangers' front office was leaning towards going after Lohse, this injury could, I guess, be what proves to be the tipping point on this issue and forces the Rangers to go after him.

But let's remember...Colby Lewis is due back in late May. Whoever ended up winning the #5 starter job with the Rangers was expected to get bumped from the rotation once Lewis was ready anyway. If Perez is going to be back by the end of April, you're talking about someone other than Perez picking up four starts, then Perez getting three or four starts, then Lewis supplanting Perez.

If there is a pitcher whose performance or injury situation could impact Lohse, it is Alexi Ogando. The bullpen is a land of mystery, full of question marks and unknowns, and if the Rangers were to go out and get Lohse, then he's the pitcher who would lose his rotation spot. Yu Darvish, Derek Holland and Matt Harrison aren't going to the bullpen, and Lewis will be in the rotation once he's healthy, so signing Lohse would mean Ogando goes to the bullpen.

Lohse is a possibility in Texas. But I don't think Martin Perez being out for the first month of the season significantly impacts that decision.