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Galloway: Ryan Stripped of Power, Daniels "In Total Charge"

Randy Galloway writes that ownership has stripped Nolan Ryan of his power and put Jon Daniels in charge of baseball operations, with Nolan possibly departing the organization this month

Cooper Neill

Randy Galloway has a new column up at the FWST, and it is something of a bombshell...

Galloway says that Nolan Ryan is apparently the loser in a quiet power struggle that was going on in the front office, with Bob Simpson and Ray Davis stripping him of power and putting Jon Daniels in total charge, with the final say, on all baseball matters.

Ryan still isn't returning phone calls, but Galloway says this information is "thoroughly sourced," and that Ryan could be gone from the organization by the end of spring training.

I've suggested before that there seemed to be some, shall we say, dynamic tension in the front office. Tim Purpura being brought in from the outside by Ryan, and thrust in the middle of the front office hierarchy, was mentioned by Gil Lebreton in his column today as a potential issue. And of course, it was no secret that Ryan was opposed to signing Yu Darvish, which has turned out to be one of the best moves the Rangers have made in recent years, while championing Roy Oswalt, whose signing did not work out, to put it mildly.

I've wondered if the Rangers weren't potentially looking at a situation down the road like Boston faced with Theo Epstein, where a successful g.m. left to get out from under someone higher than him on the food chain, taking some of his people with him.

If Galloway is right, Simpson and Davis may have had the same concerns, and decided to keep that from happening.

In any case, whatever you think of Galloway, RTFA.