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Monday Morning Rangers Update

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The latest news and notes on where saying "JD for President!" actually comes true


Here Lies

Martin Perez's Ulna bone

Good night, sweet prince

Just when it seemed like Martin Perez was bringing some of his advertised swagger to the fifth starter competition, a liner off the bat of a Seattle Mariner named Brad Miller (presumably not the former Chicago Bull) smacked Perez on his pitching arm and knocked him out of the conversation. And just like that, that very conversation has grown all the more curt and mean-spirited.

Justin Grimm was bad again. Alexi Ogando can't find the strike zone. Robbie Ross is looking for another consistent pitch or two. I typed out Randy Wells' name as Randy Bush at first because he might as well be Dave Bush. Kyle McClellan has been out with shoulder soreness. Suddenly Nick Tepesch is more of an option than you ever would have believed two weeks ago. And, even with all of this, there's a bullpen that could really use an Ogando or Ross, if not both.

Kyle Lohse is still out there - and you can be sure we're going to hear a lot about it over the next couple of weeks - but his cost (in both cash and draft pick/pool loss), age, length of contract demands, pitching style, and history in the American League/The Ballpark make him seem less like a guy swooping in to save the rotation and more like a guy strapping on a faulty parachute for a brief rescue mission. Especially when we're still scraping Roy Oswalt off the tarmac and Colby Lewis has already been spotted boarding the extraction chopper.

So, while the conversation might have grown, well, grim yesterday, the agenda remains the same. Operation Survive Until Colby Ks continues in earnest. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out over the next two months.

Jeff Wilson writes that Perez will be out for at least two months and that Jon Daniels is pretty bummed out for the young lefty.

Anthony Andro writes about Perez's injury and notes that the Rangers won't need a fifth starter until April 9 which will give them more time to make a decision should they need it.

T.R. Sullivan also has a write-up on the Perez injury and takes a look at the possibility for the Rangers to reexamine a pursuit of Lohse.

Noting the Perez injury, behind the DMN paywall, Gerry Fraley feels the Rangers should drop $14 million a year on Lohse because they can't afford to go 30 games into the season with question marks in the rotation.

With Lohse being the final cinder keeping the Hot Stove faintly lit, Ken Rosenthal asks the simple question: Should the Rangers sign Lohse? And then gives a litany of reasons for why it's a complicated answer.

Behing the DMN paywall, Kevin Sherrington writes the less agitated version of doom merchant Randy Galloway's article on the new power dynamic in the front office.

The Rangers also played a spring training baseball game yesterday. And, as Ron Matejko's Rapid Reaction notes, they lost 7-6 to the Seattle Mariners.'s William Boor has a feature on Justin Grimm's pursuit of the No. 5 starter job.

But, as Fraley blogs, Boor's piece might have been filed too late because Grimm's outing yesterday could have already pushed him out of contention. (Though, with Perez down, I'd imagine Grimm has been given something of a reprieve should the Rangers not acquire anyone else in the next few days.)

Boor writes about the Rangers' loss yesterday but also notes the scoreless inning tossed by Joe Nathan in his spring debut.

Drew Davison updates us on the status of Kyle McClellan (Shoulder soreness; threw off a mound for the first time in a week) and Tanner Scheppers (Strained left hamstring; due back on Wednesday).

Boor borrows T.R. Sullivan's Notebook to write about the numerous options and openings in the bullpen, Nathan and Engel Beltre's return yesterday, Michael Kirkman's solid spring so far, and, among other items, the note that Adrian Beltre is scheduled to make his debut today.

Finally, Davison's notes cover Nick Tepesch making a name for himself, David Murphy's stance on PED penalties, and various injury updates.