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Wilson: Fingers Pointed At Daniels Over Possible Ryan Departure

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Jeff Wilson has the latest story on the uncertainty surrounding Nolan Ryan's future with the Rangers

Bob Levey

Jeff Wilson has a story up at the S-T that is the latest in the ongoing saga regarding Nolan Ryan's future with the Rangers.

Jon Daniels is quoted as saying, "I report to Nolan," and has the standard quotes you'd expect Daniels to offer in regards to his relationship with Ryan.

Nevertheless, Wilson reiterates what Randy Galloway wrote earlier:

But Ryan is sensing uncertainty now, according to sources, and is strongly considering leaving the club.

Wilson also suggests that Jon Daniels is catching the blame for the situation, and Ryan's possible departure:

Many fingers, both in the desert and across Metroplex airwaves, are pointed at Daniels, and all are reluctant to speak on the subject.

That's not surprising. Realistically, if Ryan leaves, the person who is going to catch the most heat for seemingly forcing him out is Daniels.

Some have suggested there's nothing to all this, that this is just making a mountain out of a molehill, but the fact that its been more than 72 hours since the Rangers announced the promotions of Daniels and Rick George, and Ryan has not said anything publicly, suggests that there's some fire to go with this smoke.

There's also some quotes in this article from players who express concern about the possibility that Ryan might leave, with David Murphy and Ian Kinsler each offering pro-Ryan comments.