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New T.R. Sullivan Inbox Column Up

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New T.R. Sullivan Inbox Column Up

Mark Lowe.  Not a Ranger.
Mark Lowe. Not a Ranger.

T.R. Sullivan has a new Inbox column up...

Of course, the big burning question is about the future of Nolan Ryan, and here's what Sullivan has to say about that:

Ryan is the only one who can tell you that, and he is not talking. But the Rangers have suddenly put themselves in a dismaying state of uncertainty after Friday's announcement about the front-office promotions of Jon Daniels and Rick George, and subsequent (and accurate) speculation Ryan might walk away from his job as CEO. From everything that has been said and heard, that is definitely a possibility and the Rangers need to address it one way or another. The Rangers have a management team that has been quite successful the past four years, but change has always been the one constant in this organization.

Sullivan is pretty plugged in and isn't exactly one to stir up wild claims for the sake of getting attention, so the fact he says there's something to the idea that Ryan may leave is worth noting. One would hope it would put to rest the whole "this is just a bunch of manufactured drama to create something to talk about" idea that's out there.

Also in this column, we have the "are we going to sign Kyle Lohse" question, the "why don't we sign Grady Sizemore" question, and the "why didn't we keep Mark Lowe" question, among much else...

Check it out...