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Wednesday Morning Links

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Contra Nolan Ryan, if anyone would like to hire me to be a figurehead I am available immediately.


Matt Harrison wants to have fewer bad innings early in games, and after being told that the Rangers could not start games in the third inning, he studied hard this offseason and has decided to begin working in his slider more and taking advantage of free swingers.

Evan Grant has a piece on the organizational changes and the Nolan Ryan question, wherein he focuses on where he expects authority to reside going forward and where it resided previously. And here I thought it was a simple matter of the good moves being Ryan's and the bad ones being Daniels'.

Jon Machota quotes Jon Daniels saying that he doesn't want Nolan Ryan to leave.

Ron Washington is impressed with the Mariners' reworked lineup.

Despite using the words "small sample size" Gerry Fraley demonstrates no knowledge of their provenance by using it as evidence of Mitch Moreland's progress against lefties.

Leury Garcia is starstruck by playing with Dominican superstars who are not Nelson Cruz.

Kevin Sherrington thinks that if Nolan Ryan wants to be part of a winning baseball organization, he needs to stay with the Rangers.

Richard Durrett asks, "does Kyle Lohse make sense now," then laughs and says "no, of course not, silly."

Durrett also handicaps the race to be the pitcher replaced by Colby Lewis, with Robbie Ross and Nick Tepesch leading the pack in "all they know how to do is pitch well" and Kyle McClellan and Randy Wells getting the nod in "started more than two major league games."