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Maury Brown, Mitch Williams with articles on Ryan

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Maury Brown, Mitch Williams with articles on Ryan


Maury Brown over at Biz of Baseball looks at the impact of the possible departure of Nolan Ryan from the Rangers, and throws cold water on the idea that he'd be a fit in Houston:

For one, Ryan doesn’t strike me as a man looking to retire, but lest you think that means he’s headed over to the Houston Astros, I’m not so sure. I’m sure that Jim Crane would about froth at the mouth over the PR win bringing Ryan in would be, but about the second the press conference would be over, reality would set in. After all the whole direction of baseball ops right now is as sabermetrically inclined as any front office done before. General Manager Jeff Luhnow has offered up the “Google rule”, hired Kevin Goldstein and Mike Fast away from Baseball Prospectus, stripped the roster down to its axels in a rebuild, and with it, the direction is anything but “Nolan Ryan.” To hire him and fire current president George Postolos would be to say that the entire direction of the club would change. In other words, it doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense.

Mitch Williams has a post on his blog at about the Nolan Ryan flap, and he makes it clear that Jon Daniels is a geeky Ivy League nerd who can't carry Ryan's jock:

Today we learned that the job of President of Baseball Operations with the Rangers has been taken away from Nolan Ryan and given to the team’s GM, John Daniels.

This is the problem plaguing our game. I have all the respect in the world for these young front office people that come out of Harvard or Yale — or in Daniels’ case, Cornell. I respect them when they know what they are good at: business, finance, or organizational skills — those sorts of things.

Where I tend to lose respect for them is when they decide they know how to evaluate baseball talent better than people like Nolan Ryan! When they so that, they do their players a disservice, as well as their fan base and the entire organization.

Williams goes on to blame Daniels for mistreating Michael Young, complains that the Rangers are trying to make their pitchers throw two-seamers rather than just raring back, throwing hard and trying to strike guys out, and that if the Rangers lose Nolan Ryan, they'll go back to being terrible because this is Ryan's team.