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Leonys Martin out with "stiffness" in hamstring

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Leonys Martin is expected to miss a few games with what is described as a stiff hamstring


In some actual on-the-field news, Leonys Martin was scratched from today's game after reporting stiffness in his left hamstring.

Gerry Fraley says Martin is expected to miss "at least" a few games.

Craig Gentry is replacing Martin in centerfield today, and we'll have to wait to see how this may affect the centerfield battle. Martin is considered the leading candidate to take over in center, with Josh Hamilton having departed...Gentry has generally been viewed as not suitable for everyday duty, and the only other candidate for the job is Julio Borbon, who seems to be pretty much dead to the organization (or at least the coaching staff) at this point.

If Martin is only out for a few games, this should end up being a non-issue. But hamstring problems have a tendency to sometimes linger, and if this turns out to be more serious, the Rangers could have a significant issue in center.