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Thursday morning Rangers things

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Thursday morning Rangers news and links

Robbie Ross
Robbie Ross

Good morning, everybody. Ben isn't here today. So you get me instead.

There was a spring training game yesterday, and the Rangers won. Huzzah! Jeff Wilson has a game story up, in which the strong efforts by Robbie Ross and Alexi Ogando are praised.

Ron Matejko has his Rapid Reaction at the ESPN Dallas Rangers blog.

Gerry Fraley has his game report at the DMN Rangers blog.

T.R. Sullivan writes about the strong performances by Ross and Ogando yesterday.

Matejko writes about Ross pitching well yesterday.

Fraley thinks both Ogando and Ross could end up moving from the 2012 bullpen to the 2013 rotation.

Four pitchers -- Matt West, Roman Mendez, Yonata Ortega, and Cody Buckel -- were sent out to the minor league camp yesterday.

Sullivan has a story about the Rangers having to deal with the ongoing Nolan Ryan drama.

Speaking of Nolan, Josh Hamilton said yesterday that he met with Ryan after signing with the Angels, and said that Ryan wasn't unhappy with Hamilton for signing with the Angels, and in fact, was more unhappy with the organization for "dragging their feet" in their negotiations with Hamilton.

Johnette Howard writes at ESPN that the Astros should offer Nolan whatever it would take to get him to come in as CEO and President. She doesn't acknowledge, however, that that would mean Jim Crane forcing out George Postolos, who has been with him for years as he worked to find a team to buy, and would likely mean upheaval in the front office.

Lance Berkman is confident that he'll be healthy on Opening Day. So that's good.

The S-T has a short Q&A with Neftali Feliz.

Sullivan's notes talk about the strong performances by the team's lefty reliever candidates, Mike Olt and Leonys Martin not playing yesterday, and updates on injured pitchers.

The S-T's notes talk about the signing of Derek Lowe, Mike Olt being scratched with problems with one of his wisdom teeth, and Tanner Scheppers and Yoshinori Tateyama returning to the mound after missing time with injuries.