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Grant: Daniels was never offered CEO position

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Grant: Daniels was never offered CEO position

Streeter Lecka

Evan Grant has a blog post up at the DMN Rangers blog in which Jon Daniels denies that he was ever "offered the opportunity to be the team's Chief Executive Officer."

Daniels does say that there were variations of the promotion he ended up with that were presented to him by ownership, and Grant cites one source as saying that Daniels was "offered the title of president," which would have put him in charge of both business and baseball operations. However, Daniels says any promotion would have still had him reporting to Nolan Ryan.

This is in contrast to the column out from Randy Galloway that went online yesterday (and is in print this morning), where he cites a source as saying that Daniels was offered the title of president and CEO, something that would have left Ryan as something of a Minister Without Portfolio in the Rangers organization.

Meanwhile...we continue to wait for Nolan to speak. Grant says Ryan declined to speak about these issues again this morning, and is "considering his long-term future with the club," according to sources.