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Friday Morning Links

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Wherein Leonys Martin learns it is dangerous to attract the attention of Ron Washington.

Mike Ehrmann

Randy Wells believes he is "this close" to to putting it together this spring. Unfortunately, pitching is a skill of inches, and "this close" is the distance between a Derek Holland and a... well, Randy Wells.

Ron Washington has been bitten by the Leonys Martin bug, and the only cure, apparently, is near-constant criticism. Both he and Gary Pettis will be working on Martin's defense, situational hitting, and baserunning in an effort to turn him into a bunt-crazed Terminator that only a hydraulic press or a pool of liquid nitrogen can stop from basestealing. Probably. Here's Ron Washington discussing a "teachable moment" for Martin.

Ron Matejko at ESPN says that Alexi Ogando has rewarded Ron Washington's faith in him by not sucking on Wednesday.

Matejko also has some reactions to Thursday's game, as do Gerry Fraley, T.R. Sullivan, and Jeff Wilson.

The FWST has a profile of Jeff Baker, who could see time as a right handed bench bat or four corner guy in a hypothetical universe where the Rangers might use a player that way.

Jeff Wilson, realizing that it just isn't a Rangers playoff team without an elderly reliever, is out to gin up some enthusiasm about Derek Lowe as a possible swingman.

Adrian Beltre says that, homerun notwithstanding, his swing is still not there yet.

T.R. Sullivan has one of those meaningless Spring Training color pieces about something completely irrelevant that, were it not for his flurry of other posts, would have led me to suspect he was suffering from writer's block and had witnessed this article premise materialize in a bowl of Alphabits.

Sullivan also has a notes column discussing Derek Lowe, the so-far-this-Spring uncharacteristically offense-heavy game Thursday, and Mike Olt's tooth.

Evan Grant has a post discussing Ken Rosenthal saying it's "act dumb week" in the AL West. Rosenthal says it would be better if everyone could get along, which seems like very practical advice that is in no way divorced from all reality when discussing a group of alpha males that have risen to the top of the org chart in a hyper-competitive sports environment where large amounts of money and prestige are on the line.

Nate Robertson has been flummoxing hitters so far this spring, in an attempt to go from a starter in the meaty part of the FIP distribution curve to a gimmicky lefthanded reliever.

Evan Grant gives a righteous fisking to someone I've never heard of at a website I've never heard of who believes that Nolan Ryan was responsible for finally getting some pitching up in here.

Finally, evidence of the possibly apocryphal Viking sunstone was found in a British shipwreck, a tool that may have been an integral part of the reshaping of Western Europe by a culture that settled Iceland because Scotland wasn't miserable enough, and without which we might not have Bjork or Of Monsters and Men or books and movies about transvestite child vampires who murder a little boy's enemies.