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Grant: Front office disputes center on Ready, Moore

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Evan Grant writes that the incidents that have led to the current drama have less to do with major decisions, and more to do with a handful of minor moves


Evan Grant has a story up at the DMN website about what led to this current fracture in the Rangers' front office which has led to the current crisis.

While we've talked before about Josh Hamilton or Zack Greinke possibly being the issue, Grant writes that while Nolan Ryan may have been "more against bringing Hamilton back than others in the Rangers' management group," the current schism is about smaller, more administrative matters than big moves.

In particular, Grant writes that the firing of minor league hitting coordinator Randy Ready, over Ryan's objections, is apparently a flashpoint. Grant notes that that decision is usually made by the farm director, but the Rangers' farm director is Tim Purpura, who was unilaterally hired by Ryan last offseason after he and Jon Daniels couldn't reach an agreement over the hire.

Grant also writes that there were disagreements about Jackie Moore's role in the organization for 2013, as well as what he describes as "fractures in the organization between Team Daniels and Team Ryan" over issues such as who deserves credit, and what the future would hold for members of "Team Ryan" if Ryan is less involved or leaves.

In any case, a good read...check it out...