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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

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Saturday morning Rangers news and links


Its Saturday. Anyone doing anything exciting this weekend?

Before we get to yesterday's game, we should update the Rangers situation, with Randy Galloway writing that Bob Simpson and Nolan Ryan met Friday night. The column has quotes from Simpson, who says the talks were "positive," though everything hadn't been resolved yet. Galloway also says that, before Friday, Ryan had "no contact" with Simpson or Ray Davis, despite both of them trying to contact Ryan, which is pretty interesting.

Evan Grant writes that Simpson had a good meeting with Ryan.

Moving on to on-field stuff...

Yesterday's spring game was called after four innings due to rain, but Grant writes that Michael Kirkman still could take away warm fuzzies from the game due to another strong outing.

Jean-Jacques Taylor has a lengthy piece on Ron Washington, saying that never has a manager done so much and gotten so little credit.

Jeff Wilson writes that Derek Lowe is ready to compete for a bullpen job, after being signed to a minor league deal.

Evan Grant says that Lowe has the ability to fill a number of different roles.

Anthony Andro has a piece on Derek Holland, who says he doesn't think his 2012 season was as bad as others think, but who feels he has something to prove in 2013.

Drew Davison has a Q&A with Mike Olt.

The S-T's notes talk about Josh Lindblom, Evan Meek, Yangveris Solarte, and Joe Nathan's thoughts on Mariano Rivera.

T.R. Sullivan's notes talk about the utility infielder situation, Leonys Martin and Michael Kirkman having strong camps, and the Rangers missing out on a chance to see some of their relievers pitch yesterday with the shortened game.