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Ryan to stay with Texas Rangers as CEO

The Texas Rangers have officially announced that Nolan Ryan will be staying with the team as the team's CEO

Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan

Per both Jeff Wilson and Evan Grant on Twitter, sources are saying that Nolan Ryan will remain with the Texas Rangers as the team's CEO.

Both say that an official announcement from the team should be forthcoming.

After the announcement this spring that Jon Daniels was being promoted to president of baseball operations, and Rick George was being promoted to president of business operations, there were multiple reports that Nolan Ryan was unhappy with his role with the team being reduced. Ryan had been the team president and CEO, and the promotions left him with only the title of CEO. Daniels, per reports, now had the final say over all baseball decisions.

In the aftermath of that move, Ryan was reportedly contemplating his future with the club, not wanting to stay on in a role that would result in him being simply a "figurehead."

This news helps avert what would be a p.r. disaster for the Rangers.

Evan Grant has a blog post on the topic here.

Jeff Wilson has a blog post on the topic here.

UPDATE -- The Rangers have issued a press release with quotes from Bob Simpson, Ray Davis and Nolan Ryan, announcing that Ryan will remain as CEO.

The press release is available here.