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Gauging Interest in an "LSB Invades Round Rock" event

Would LSBers be interested in doing a weekend meetup at a Round Rock Express game?

Jurickson is in Round Rock
Jurickson is in Round Rock

The LSB Invades Minute Maid event was a lot of fun, and afterwards, Philar suggested that we might want to do something similar at a Round Rock Express game.

I thought that might be fun, and I know there are LSBers in the Austin area, so I thought I'd check the level of interest in doing an LSB event at an Express game sometime this summer.

There is a Party Deck available for booking, which would seat 30 of us at $40 per person, and includes a buffet. We can also do the "Party Patio," which holds 40 people.

So I wanted to see if there was a sufficient level of interest among LSB peeps to look into setting something like this up for some time this summer. If you are interested or think you'd be in, say so in the comments, so I can get an idea of how many people would come out.