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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the quest for hits with runners in scoring position

No-look pass
No-look pass

Are you ready for a few days of pitchers endlessly bunting? National League Baseball awaits us.

Todd Wills prepares us for the week ahead by looking at the weather in Chicago (cold, wet), the Cubs' starters (pretty good so far), the upcoming weekend series with the Mariners (Tailgate, baby!), and missing out on facing King Felix (which just means facing the dominant Joe Saunders).

Behind the DMN Paywall, Evan Grant writes of the first real Lance Berkman's Mouth moment of the year with Berkman taking a dump on the lore and lure of Wrigley Field.

Sounds like Lance would fit right in in a Game Day Thread. And, considering he'll likely spend the next three days on the bench, he could probably find the time to do that but those philistines in Chicago probably don't even have Wi-Fi in the clubhouse.

Jeff Wilson writes about this being the first trip to Wrigley in a decade for the Rangers. Besides Berkman being curmudgeonly, Wilson includes quotes from plenty of other Rangers who seem excited about the chance to play in the historic ballpark.

Someone going by the it-can't-be-real name of Cash Kruth writes a preview for tonight's game between the Rangers and Cubs on

Wills offers up a few numbers on the well-chronicled slow start for the Rangers' offense in comparison to last season through 13 games. Hey, look! Even Michael Young was contributing to that 11-2 start last season.

Grant has a blog post up with an update on the efforts to trade Julio Borbon before he must be put up on waivers.

And finally,'s AJ Cassavell has a piece on how Major League Baseball celebrated Jackie Robinson Day yesterday. The Rangers and Cubs will do their part to honor Robinson by wearing #42 in tonight's game since they had the day off yesterday.