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Wednesday Morning Links

Let us never speak of the Jeff Baker non-defensive-replacement again.


Well, that was an adventure last night.

Want some recaps of a game that shouldn't have been as close as it ended up being? The FWST tells the story of Craig Gentry lunchpailing it up last night. T.R. Sullivan says that Craig Gentry is a steel drivin' man, oh lordy-lordy. Derek Holland says that Gentry had his hardhat and lunchpail last night, noting "that kid is a cat." (Derek Holland is three years younger than Gentry, incidentally). ESPN Dallas also has Rapid Reactions.

The bombing in Boston has touched a couple of players who spent time in Boston, including Alexi Ogando who was at the finish line of the marathon last year..

T.R. Sullivan's notes column discusses Ron Washington's and Derek Lowe's thoughts on the Boston bombing, Julio Borbon being the only guilty man in Shawshank, and Ron Washington wanting to see 42.

At least Washington recognizes that the Leury Garcia / Jeff Baker pinch hitting fiasco was a mistake, saying "I painted myself in a corner," which is better than some half-hearted rationalization but no more indicative that it won't happen again.

The Rangers will have the 30th pick in this year's amateur draft and an additional $1.731 million in their bonus pool (giving them a total of just over $6.5 million).

ESPN Dallas says that the Ranger bats are starting to wake up, though I'd say they're still wiping the crud out of their eyes. Also, Derek Holland is continuing his early season dominance after deciding to tone down the shenanigans by a substantial amount this offseason, leading me to believe that CJ Wilson has 15 or so too many extracurricular activities for a Cy Young.

Thad Levine says that the rehabbing pitchers are on schedule.

Also, we will begin winning more games when Ron Washington embraces the George Costanza decision-making model.

Finally, here's some abandoned power stations.