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Thursday Morning Links

Whatever will The Hardline talk about with the Rangers getting rained out?

Yeah, he sure is taking himself more seriously this season.
Yeah, he sure is taking himself more seriously this season.

Let me first offer a musical salute to Julio Borbon. (looks mournfully at ground, tosses spade of dirt on Borbon's 25 man roster spot).

Well, Wednesday was rained out and the same may happen today.

Derek Holland demonstrates there is a fine line between confidence and delusion and then tap dances all over it, saying that he wants to win the Cy Young this year and that thee will always be people that say you stink. Like Cahill.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column includes Washington praising Holland's polish and Julio Borbon experiencing what must be the longest ten days of his life.

Jim Bowden proposes that the Rangers trade Profar, Olt, and Martin Perez for Giancarlo Stanton and Ricky Nolasco.

Evan Grant celebrates yesterday's rain for delaying Justin Grimm's next start and ensuring that Yu Darvish will get a start against the Mariners, who give Yu fits despite being worse than the Astros or even the Angels.

Ron Washington has some praise for Derek Holland, saying he's "back footing" his breaking ball and bringing back his changeup, and all it took was repeated public shamings on the mound during televised games. That post also mentions Yu Darvish benefiting from the extra rest before his next start, as he occasionally needs to disassemble into his constituent vehicles for routine maintenance and to incorporate romantic subplots.

If there is a game today, Alexi Ogando will be starting.

For those of you who ponder the theory of mind and who enjoyed / were irritated by the Takeshi Kovacs novels, the wet blankets at io9 would like to relieve themselves all over your uploaded consciousness fantasies.