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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update - In the Elvis Afterglow

The latest news and notes on the April Fool's Day joke that wasn't

Just hit a home run already
Just hit a home run already
Bob Levey

Sunday night already seems like ages ago. It's easy to forget an Opening Day loss when Elvis Andrus has been extended and Yu Darvish is merely hours away from making his 2013 debut.

First of all, T.R. Sullivan has written an article on the official Texas Rangers website with a headline of "Rangers sign Andrus to eight-year extension" which is something I never really thought I would see.

In fact, Jeff Wilson blogs that Elvis has already passed his physical. The extension is for eight years, $120 million on top of Elvis' current two-year deal. There's an an opt-out after the 2018 season and a $2 million signing bonus in case Elvis has been eyeing any additional body art.

Our pal Or Moyal has tons of good stuff on the WFAA website about the Elvis extension.

Richard Durrett likes the deal and writes about the plethora of options the Rangers now have with their middle infield troika of Andrus, Jurickson Profar, and Ian Kinsler.

Anthony Andro writes that all is well in Rangerland because, even through a difficult winter, the front office stuck to their plan and that has paid off as many more years of Elvis Andrus.

Behind the DMN paywall, Gerry Fraley has a piece on the ripple effect of the extension on members of the Rangers from Jon Daniels to Mitch Moreland and several others in between.

Sullivan writes that Darvish is calm, cool, and collected as his second season in the Major League begins and that has the Rangers expecting big things out of him.

Wilson also has a piece on Year Two of Yu. Here is Yu's public goal for 2013: "My goal is to stay healthy and stay in the rotation throughout the season and help this team win as much as possible." I hope his private goal is: "Make 1999 Pedro Martinez look like 1995 Kevin Gross."

Todd Wills writes that the Rangers aren't concerned with their "slow start" because for some reason people were asking the Rangers if they were worried about the season after one game.

Sullivan writes about the festivities in store for Friday's home opener and for the first series on the schedule at The Ballpark.

Finally, I missed this article from Gil LeBreton yesterday but it is eerily prophetic. I think perhaps ol' Gil is a wizard.