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LSB Invades Minute Maid Tonight -- Final Details

LSB Invades Minute Maid Tonight -- Final Details

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, folks, our "LSB Invades Minute Maid" event is tonight.

Here is the email from the Astros group sales exec:

We look forward to having you and your group out to the ballpark for tomorrow night's game. I definitely agree with Christian in that Center Field Gate would be best for your group to enter. It is located on Crawford Street near Congress. There are benches outside for your guests to utilize if they need to while passing out the tickets. Once your guests enter the ballpark, they will want to walk straight past the FiveSeven Grille. There are signs located above you that will guide you to the Coke Corner. You will make a left towards the elevators once you past the restaurant. A Guest Service representative will also be located in/around the elevators to assist in getting you and your guests upstairs to the Coke Corner. Please remind your guests to have their ticket at all times if they leave the suite. Since it is one of our exclusive areas, our staff will ask to see tickets upon entering the area.

I'll be getting out there between 6 and 6:15. If you are getting your ticket at the gate, Ben will be the one passing them out. He will no doubt be sitting on one of those benches, looking surly. Here's what he looks like:



Except he won't be wearing the tin foil doo-rag. He will be making the crazy eyes, though.

If you are running late or can't find Ben, you can text Ben at 817-201-7003. You can also send me a tweet or email me, though texting Ben would probably be the most efficient way of doing this.

And I do still have a few tickets remaining, so if you're interested in going but haven't responded/paid/what have you, feel free to email me and let me know.