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Yu Darvish Dominates Professional Baseball Team - Rangers Win 7-0

Darvish holds Astros to one hit against 14 strikeouts through eight and a third shut-out innings.

Bob Levey

The headline is obvious. If you're just tuning in, a bleeding dribbler through Yu Darvish's legs with two outs in the ninth was all that stood between Yu and the Rangers' second perfect game in franchise history.

Instead of that, though, let's try some positivity. A young stud the Rangers are going to have for years flashed his hilarious repertoire of pitches in one of the most dominating outings in franchise history. There was practically no strong contact. It seemed like every other pitch was a swinging strike. Yes, it was the Astros, but that doesn't mean it wasn't incredible.

Tonight, Yu Darvish was incredible. And he will be incredible again. Just think of how many more opportunities we get to see this.