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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

Who knew that a late April West Coast baseball game could be so intense?

If Elvis likes A.J., we also have to like A.J.
If Elvis likes A.J., we also have to like A.J.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

All it takes is one 9th inning game-winning home run against the Anaheim Angels by A.J. Pierzynski and suddenly he's my favorite baseball player. Funny sport, this.

Blair Angulo of ESPN Dallas handles the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers' 7-6 nail-biter come from behind win over the hated Anaheim Angels.

T.R. Sullivan covers the win by writing about the fantastic work done by Tanner Scheppers and Joe Nathan out of the bullpen. And, to complete a solid article, Jason Frasor's name is not mentioned once.

Jeff Wilson's game recap focuses on Pierzynski playing rusemaster in Anaheim last night. Sayeth A.J.:

"I've had family and friends in the stands, and they've asked people why they boo me and they don't even know. They just do it because other people do it. That's cool."

Sounds about right.

Angulo has his own piece on Pierzynski performing through the vexation of hoots and hisses from the Angel faithful. I love how the Rangers got a few years of Mike Napoli going back to Anaheim and slapping dongs in Mike Scioscia's face and now they've got Pierzynski winning games while boos form thicker than the marine layer.

Behind the DMN paywall, Evan Grant writes that the Angel fans should reserve some boos for their bullpen to go along with Pierzynski.

Additionally, Grant has a blog post up about Lance Berkman -- the other old man that the Rangers signed -- and how Berkman has been leading by an OBP example in the absence of Josh Hamilton.

Wilson, reminding us that it isn't all sunshine and A.J. Pierzynski troll-homers, has a piece on the struggles the lefty-heavy lineup has had against left-handed pitching so far this season (even though the Rangers are 4-1 in games against left-handed starters).

Sullivan's Notebook covers recent unintentional rest for Nathan, a note on Joakim Soria's setback, and an update on Martin Perez and Colby Lewis, among other items.

Wilson has notes covering more on Soria, Nick Tepesch looking all set for Thursday, and a few other notes.

Lastly,'s Quinn Roberts has a preview of tonight's game and provides us with the current leader in the clubhouse for Ron Washington Quote of the Year:

"I certainly don't expect him to give us 2 1/3 innings," Rangers manager Ron Washington said. "If he gives us 2 1/3 innings, I'm going to take my belt off, put him across my lap and give him a spanking."

You go ahead and try to get that image out of your head. Please pitch well, Alexi.