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Wednesday Morning Links

Mad props to the Angels for successfully celebrating a walk-off win without breaking anyone's leg.

Lisa Blumenfeld

I stayed up late for that?

Tanner Scheppers is feeling at home in the Ranger bullpen while playing at home in Southern California. That link also says that the Cubs-Rangers makeup game will be hard to schedule because God did us a favor by giving us one fewer NL park baseball games and blasphemous MLB wants to make us play it anyway.

Alexi Ogando is still searching for his fastball command, which was last seen in 2012 with David Murphy's ability to hit worth a damn. If anyone has seen them, the Rangers ask that you contact the authorities.

Matt Harrison is already feeling better.

Want some recaps? Well, have at it, you masochist. Here's Jeff Wilson, and here's T.R. Sullivan, here's the newly engaged Evan Grant (congrats Evan!) and here's the Rapid Reaction from ESPN Dallas.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column observes that our vaunted pitching depth is under a little stress from all these injuries, that Holland is disappointed in all those walks the other night, and that something awful is wrong with Cody Buckel and Lord knows we hope it isn't catching.

I hope a Ranger fan won this auction and fires the stupid thing into space.

Behind the paywall, Evan Grant says that a lack of clutch hitting sunk the Rangers last night.

Jeff Baker's knee may be cursing us with more lefty-lefty matchups than usual for a little while, though Baker says it's not serious.

A.J. Pierzynski is involved in some sort of sinister Bilderberger home run celebration plot.

Todd Wills at ESPN Dallas dares you to question the gut.

ESPN Dallas also notes that A.J. Pierzynski has outproduced the Soto-Torrealba pu-pu platter so far in 2013 and that Washington expects Alexi Ogando to straighten up.

Finally, fans of Memento may enjoy this analysis of a man who had a similar inability to form new memories.