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Thursday Morning Links

Worry not, Angels fans! Josh Hamilton is having a slightly better offensive season than Jeff Francoeur.


Yu Darvish was awesome, and so was the Rangers offense. Nelson Cruz is making me forget he's only posting an .816 OPS, and while Josh Hamilton and C.J. Wilson make dandruff commercials together Ian Kinsler says that the Rangers still have a great clubhouse.

Part of that team chemistry is the partnership of Pierzynski and Darvish, according to Evan Grant, who says that Darvish heard bad things about Pierzynski but now sees him as a sort of father figure.

Blair Angulo has his Rapid Reactions to last night's bloodbath.

Andrew Simon at has a notes column that discusses Twins' right hander Vance Worley and Jeff Baker's injured knee.

If we're nearing a Nick Tepesch start we're nearing an opportune time for the DFW media to feverishly paw through their thesauruses for "poise" synonyms.

If you had told me that we'd be witnessing the Bataan Death March among the starting rotation and that my biggest worry would be Alexi Ogando, I'd have called you crazy, but the organization is hoping to avoid any further adventures in starting pitching triage. Evan Grant says that Alexi Ogando found his changeup in his last start, which led to him regaining his fastball command.

Fans of Craig Gentry will be saddened to hear that the Rangers selected Leonys Martin as their centerfield representative on the All Star ballots, but, fear not, you can still vote for fellow wielder of the lunchpail-and-hardhat, David Murphy.

Finally, yes, of course your dog will wait to steal food until he thinks he can get away with it.