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Umpire Tom Hallion: David Price is a "liar"

There was umpire drama in the Rays/ChiSox game today

David Price
David Price
David Banks

David Price picked up his first victory of the season today, but also had a run-in with home plate umpire Tom Hallion, who ended up ejecting Rays pitcher Jeremy Hellickson (who was apparently riding him too much from the dugout) from the game.

Price claimed that Hallion told him to "throw the ball over the fucking plate," and that he didn't say anything to Hallion to precipitate that.

So Tom Hallion talked to the pool reporter after the game, and responded to what David Price said:

(On price saying Hallion said to throw the ball over the f-in plate)
"I'll come right out bluntly and say he's a liar.''

An umpire publicly calling any player -- much less one of the best starting pitchers in the game -- a "liar" seems, to me, to be a pretty big deal.

Hallion acknowledged that Price didn't say anything to him, but said that there was a problem with Price's "body language."