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Elvis Andrus Contract Press Conference, and a poll

Elvis Andrus had a press conference today to announce his contract extension, and vote on what you think of the extension


The Rangers and Elvis Andrus had their press conference today to formally announce the contract extension. Per the folks on Twitter, the deal includes a $2 million signing bonus, $15 million per year for the 2015-20 seasons, and $14 million per year for 2021-22, with the ability to opt out after 2018 and 2019. There is no no-trade clause, but starting in 2016, Elvis can provide a list of 10 teams he will not accept a trade to.

Nolan Ryan is not at the press conference, but Jon Daniels says that Ryan was on board with the extension for Elvis and supported it. Elvis and Scott Boras both praised Ron Washington for his work with Andrus, helping him mature and develop as a player.

Keith Law, in his chat session today, fielded a question about the Elvis extension:

Joseph (Dallas)

How do you feel about the alleged Andrus extension?

(1:27 PM)

Given the state of shortstop in the majors, his age, and his skill set and production to date, I thought it was a very good deal for Texas.

And so, now that we know the details of the deal, I'll throw the same question out there for y' do you feel about the Elvis contract extension? Cast your vote below...