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Saturday morning Rangers things

Saturday morning Rangers news and links


Morning everyone! Rangers are 3-1, and face the Angels this afternoon on national tee-vee. It is a good day.

Drew Davison's game story from yesterday's 3-2 Rangers win highlights the strong effort by Derek Holland, who didn't pick up the win but went seven strong innings.

T.R. Sullvan's game story talks about Craig Gentry scoring on Ian Kinsler's single ruining Josh Hamilton's return to Texas.

Evan Grant has his game report at the DMN Rangers blog.

Todd Wills has his "Rapid Reaction" at the ESPN Dallas blog.

You want columns on Opening Day? We got columns on Opening Day:

Gil Lebreton has a column that talks about Robbie Parker throwing out the first pitch, Josh Hamilton getting booed, and Derek Holland having a solid start against a strong Angels lineup.

Evan Grant has a column about a home opener that he describes as almost perfect for the Rangers.

Anthony Andro writes about an emotional first pitch ceremony, and says that David Murphy, who accompanied the family on the mound, choked up while talking about it after the game.

Randy Galloway says that the Rangers won in many ways on Opening Day.

Richard Justice has a column on Hamilton being booed by the fans, with Hamilton saying people were yelling "crackhead" at him, which seems pretty classless.

Kevin Sherrington has a column about fans turning over a new leaf.

Gerry Fraley has a column about Derek Holland doing things differently than the other starters yesterday, but being just as effective.

Sullivan's notes talk about the pickoff play by the Rangers that was huge in yesterday's victory, Elvis Andrus's contract extension, Yu Darvish making his start on Sunday despite a blister that developed in his last start, and Colby Lewis and Joakim Soria making progress, among other things.

Richard Durrett writes that last year's collapse is still weighing on the fans.

The DMN has a story about what fans think about the on- and off-field changes, and it includes some quotes from our own Ryan Appleton, described as a moderator at Lone Star Ball.

John Henry has some Opening Day notes in the S-T that focus on the off-the-field stuff, including items on Parker throwing out the opening pitch, Josh Hamilton being jeered when he arrived for showing up in an inexpensive car, and the Rangers Food Truck.

Grant writes that Nolan Ryan attended yesterday's game but didn't speak to the media, although says that, per a source, a resolution to Ryan's situation could come next week.

Henry has a lengthy piece about Hamilton's return to Texas and the fans' reaction to him.

Gerry Fraley writes that Nick Tepesch, who will start for the Rangers on April 9, had a strong tune-up start for AAA Round Rock last night.

Barry Horn writes that Eric Nadel, who didn't say the words "perfect game" or "no hitter" on Tuesday while the perfect game was going, will do it differently next time -- and Nadel is sure that, with Yu Darvish, there will be a "next time."