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Josh Hamilton's wife was, or wasn't, abused by fans

We have conflicting reports on Twitter from writers covering the Rangers/Angels game about what Josh Hamilton said about his wife and family in the stands yesterday


Josh Hamilton's wife and family were abused by Rangers fans yesterday. Unless they weren't. There are conflicting reports about this.

Drew Davison writes that Hamilton said his family was treated "okay" by Rangers fans:

Hamilton said his wife and four daughters were treated "OK" in the stands, although the Angels had security posted by them for precautionary reasons.

Anthony Andro wrote something similar:

While Hamilton said his family was fine, there was a security guard around his wife Katie and four daughters.

"Just guys being ugly, inappropriate to my wife," Hamilton said. "People being dumbasses."

The Angels requested a security guard be posted around the family.

Bob Nightengale of the USA Today, however, tweets a different story:

Similarly, from Bill Shaikan:

So either Rangers fans treated his family okay and there were no real problems, and the Angels had security stationed with his family as a precaution, or else his wife and family were subjected to abuse from Rangers fans and his wife had to call security as a result.