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May Day A.L. West Standings

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About as gauche as can be

It's been a good month
It's been a good month
Rick Yeatts

There's one month in the books. Let's take a look at where we stand:

AL West Standings

Texas Rangers 17 9 .653 0 Won 1
Oakland A's 16 12 .571 2 Won 3
Seattle Mariners 12 17 .413 6.5 Lost 1
Anaheim Angels 9 17 .346 8 Lost 4
Houston Astros 8 19 .296 9.5 Lost 1

(updated 5.1.2013 at 11:34 AM CDT)

Feels good.

Also, I was looking through some bookmarks and saw a link for "AL West season preview" and wondered why I saved that. And then, upon reading the post, I remembered it was because I wanted to hold onto this:

Rev Halofan of Halos Heaven:

Angels' worst-case: "Pujols ages fast, Hamilton gets some boo-boo he can blame a lost season on, Trout meets with the Sophomore Slump, Bourjos bats like Jeff Mathis, Trumbo slumps as a new career norm, and the minor leagues contribute to playing time. Weaver's declining peripherals actually were an indicator of something, Wilson's lactose-free diet creates even more bone spurs, Varga reveals Seattle traded him with good reason, Hanson and Blanton are Hanson and Blanton, the bullpen reverts to 2011/12 form, and Scioscia overtinkers. With all this we would still have to see a dominant A's or Rangers team emerge to push the Angels out of playoff contention."

There's still five months to go, but there's always a worse case than the worst-case.