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Friday a.m. Rangers things

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Friday morning Rangers news and links

Mike McGinnis

Happy Friday, everybody...

No game yesterday, so no game story links, and not much in the way of stories, really.

Jeff Wilson has a story about Ian Kinsler using the longer-than-usual spring training to work out some kinks with his swing, although he says that Kinsler won't talk about what those kinks are...

Gerry Fraley writes that Ron Washington isn't going to start Geovany Soto in every game while A.J. Pierzynski is out. I'm not sure why that's news, since no catcher starts every game, but there you game.

With graduation season upon us, Gary Pettis will be missing Friday's game to attend the graduation of his daughter, and Mike Maddux will be missing Saturday's game for his daughter's graduation.

Randy Galloway has a column taking a look at how things stand for the Rangers 20% of the way through the schedule.

Gerry Fraley writes that Mitch Moreland has firmly established himself as the team's first baseman.