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Kinsler, Cruz out of the lineup today

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Ron Washington gives a couple of his regulars the day off today

Ronald Martinez

For today's getaway day game in Houston, Ron Washington is getting a couple of guys who have been playing very regularly a day off.

Nelson Cruz, who has started every game so far this season for Texas, is sitting, with Leonys Martin taking his place in right field. David Murphy is in left field, and Craig Gentry is manning center.

Also sitting is Ian Kinsler. I mentioned last night that Kinsler, who had a bad day at the plate and in the field, seemed like a prime candidate to get a breather today, and Leury Garcia will be filling in for him at second base. Kinsler has started every game but one this season, prior to today.

Robinson Chirinos is also getting his first start of the season for Texas, playing catcher.

The lineup for Texas today is:

Elvis -- SS

Leury -- 2B

Berkman -- DH

Beltre -- 3B

Moreland -- 1B

Gentry -- CF

Murphy -- LF

Chirinos -- C

Leonys -- RF

The decision to have Garcia bat second, Gentry 6th, and Leonys 9th is...interesting, to say the least.