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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news and notes on the best team in baseball

Elvis was just trying to make it to dinner with his mom sooner
Elvis was just trying to make it to dinner with his mom sooner
Bob Levey

Well, we must be living right by our mamas because yesterday was a darn fine sports day. The Rangers swept the Astros to grab the best record in baseball, the A's lost, the Angels lost while getting one-hit, Jorge Alfaro hit a three-run home run, and Lone Star Ball's Golden State Warriors won. Thanks, ma!

Todd Wills offers up the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers' 12-7 victory over the horrible Houston Astros. This was a game that the Rangers led 12-1 heading into the 8th inning. The outcome was never much in doubt so the Rangers tossed the back-end of the bullpen at the Astros and they mounted a fruitless comeback.

Nothing like facing the Astros to help inflate those offensive stats. As T.R. Sullivan writes in his game recap, the Rangers hit nine home runs over the three game set with Houston after hitting 14 total in their previous 19 road games.

Behind the DMN paywall, Barry Horn writes that while the bats coming to life was the big story, Nick Tepesch's outing might have been the best outcome from Sunday.

Wills takes the time to note that the umpires reviewed Adrian Beltre's home run, after calling it a double, and were able to make the correct call after taking a look. This is noteworthy because Major League umpires somehow don't always get those calls right.

Remember when David Murphy crashed into the manual scoreboard wall on Saturday in Houston's circus of a left field and it looked like it hurt a real lot? Well, Horn has a blog post up on just how "Ouch"-inducing it was. Apparently Murphy's legs went numb after hitting the wall. No matter, he was back in the lineup yesterday and hit his second home run of the series. They don't call him gritty for nothing, folks.'s Paul Casella previews tonight's late night West Coast baseball match-up between the under .500 Oakland A's and baseball's best team, the Texas Rangers.

Behind the DMN paywall, Tim Cowlishaw writes that the road to the AL West title in 2013 goes through Oakland. That is unless the road is Interstate 880, because one does not simply drive on the 880.

Gil LeBreton echos Cowlishaw but writes that the A's won't get away with playing possum on the American League this year. The Rangers should be well aware of Oakland's ability to play dead before hissing and featuring beady red eyes and an obnoxious bite.

There are a heck of a lot of notes in Sullivan's Notebook --and you should read it -- but I like this one, which is the very last one:

Yu Darvish, after beating the Astros on Saturday, has 22 wins since the start of the 2012 season, the most by any American League pitcher.

Drew Davison has some notes on the Rangers' return to Oakland, Murphy's sudden hot bat, the rest for the regulars yesterday, and various other notes including the exact same note on Darvish's win superiority. Pitcher wins!

Finally, the DMN Weekly Top 10 Minor League Player Slideshow Thing is back! I will patiently wait for them to include Nick Williams.