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A.L. West Standings, and how well Texas is doing

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Just the standings don't make clear how good Texas has been so far this season

Rick Yeatts

Texas is now 28-15.

Texas has the best record in the majors.

Texas has the best run differential (+51) in the majors.

Texas has done this despite playing 25 road games against just 18 home games so far.

The Rangers' lead in the A.L. West is 6.5 games. Every other division leader's lead is, combined, 6 games.

BP's playoff odds give the Rangers the best chance of any team in baseball of winning their division and of making the playoffs.

The Rangers are third in the A.L. in team OPS, first in the A.L. in ERA, and first in the A.L. in fewest runs allowed.

That's all pretty good.