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29-15 - Rangers Tame Tigers in American League Heavyweight Slugfest

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The Rangers took on the other best team in the American League for four games over the weekend and came away with a series win

The face of terror
The face of terror
Rick Yeatts

Well, the national baseball viewing audience had to have gotten their entertainment dollar's worth.

That was a helluva game - and series - between two outstanding teams. Miguel Cabrera was - and is - unreal in hitting three home runs and generally looking like the greatest hitter of all time. But that's what Cabrera does. He makes life miserable, and he was doing so all series long.

The Rangers were able to continue to come back again and again tonight, while capitalizing on defensive mistakes made by the Tigers, and took the game along with the series.

The Rangers are pretty good.

Player of the Game: Robbie Ross for not being Michael Kirkman