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Thursday Morning Links

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Ron Washington and Geovany Soto agree: Geovany Soto is the cause of all of life's problems, Rangers' loss

Raise your hand if you caused last night's Rangers loss.
Raise your hand if you caused last night's Rangers loss.
Jonathan Daniel

Well, we found out yesterday that Matt Harrison's back still wasn't fixed and they had to do another surgery, so that sucks. The weird thing about backs is that what the British intern told Yossarian about livers ("The liver, you see, is a dark ugly mystery to us. If you've ever eaten liver, you know what I mean.") seems to be equally true of backs. The sense I've gotten from studies (that, admittedly, don't deal with professional athletes) is that back surgeries in general are often unnecessary. But most of us don't have $55 million dollars riding on our backs.

Jeff Wilson also discusses Harrison's back, saying that the pain returned after some light rehab and 30 minutes of walking.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column discusses Harrison's back, Lance Berkman possibly preparing to play some first base, and Mitch Moreland "improving" against lefties, though as we've seen even a Mitch Moreland doing better than his career averages against lefties is still pretty terrible.

Drew Davison's notes column involves Lance Berkman maybe possibly playing some first base, Jeff Baker doing his best to convince Ron Washington that not every left-handed hitter on his roster needs to bat against left-handed pitchers, and Yu Darvish being named the Ranger player of the month for April.

Behind the paywall, Rick Gosselin says that given a chance to play everyday, Mitch Moreland has carved himself a niche. Not being a subscriber, I'm not sure if his point is that in a league of Jeff Francoeur's and Bryce Harper's there have to be players that are merely average, but I am going to go ahead and be charitable and say that's exactly his point.

Todd Wills says that the Rangers have put up another great April, and that Washington learned from last year that he needs to give his every day players time off.. So apparently Washington will stop bunting so much when a critical bunt leads to a ignominious late season collapse.

As for last night's game, A.J. Pierzynski is unhappy about being hit last night but doesn't think it was a purpose pitch. Also, Washington says he left Nick Tepesch in the game one batter too long. Geovany Soto didn't want Washington to take all the blame, however, and lamented not scoring on a Kinsler liner off the scoreboard in the second. Washington, for the record, totally agreed with Soto's assessment.

Jeff Wilson's game recap says that Soto and Washington are fighting over who gets to lay on the grenade for last night's loss.

T.R. Sullivan also has a recap, telling us that Nick Tepesch's poise was no match for Washington's willful blindness to favorable pitching matchups.

Todd Wills has a Rapid Reaction to the game, which basically boils down to "aw, nuts."

Finally, this article in Nature says that scientists have announced some interesting findings regarding the hypothalamus, a molecule that controls gene expression, and aging. I say that they are interesting findings, but there is also the strong likelihood that what extends the life of mice and nematodes (like calorie restriction) does not necessarily extend the life of men.