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Wednesday Morning Links

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A's discover how to beat Darvish: do not give up any runs

Brandon Wade

Jeff Wilson has a game recap, of sorts, 90% of which is "angels on the head of a pin" talk about what constitutes an "ace." T.R. Sullivan puts the offense last night in the compass of shame, and Darvish agrees: "You can't control wins and losses sometimes." Todd Wills observes that Darvish wasn't at his best last night, but that the offense wasn't exactly crowning themselves in glory, either. Randy Jennings has his rapid reaction to last night's loss.

In transactional news, Josh Lindblom was optioned back to AAA and Neal Cotts was promoted to the big club.

T.R. Sullivan notes that our starting pitching depth continues to get plumbed, with Nick Tepesch apparently missing his next start due to a blister.

Reid Ryan doesn't see his dad coming to join him at the Astros.

Jon Daniels seems to be reacting to the 130 pitch Darvish start the way the Duke brothers reacted to Eddie Murphy offering to break another vase in Trading Places.

A.J. Pierzynski says that Darvish didn't look tired after throwing 130 pitches on Thursday.

Ross Wolf will be starting in place of Nick Tepesch today.

And if you didn't get enough of Jeff Wilson talking about what constitutes an "ace," here's Todd Wills reprising the tune.

Finally, in a breed that's no stranger to animal cognition studies, here's a border collie that understands simple grammar.