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Cotts-Mania -- The Media Is Agog Over Neal Cotts

The Rangers' latest addition to their major league bullpen is getting some attention

Neal Cotts
Neal Cotts
Rick Yeatts

Well, saying the media is agog over Neal Cotts is probably an exaggeration, but there are two pretty good pieces about him that are out there on the interwebs today and are worth checking out.

Ken Rosenthal has a column about Cotts, and how he went from failing physicals in 2010 and 2011 to pitching in the Rangers' minor league system the last two seasons. It includes Jon Daniels setting forth the reasons why the Rangers felt they were willing to take a risk on Cotts, when other teams weren't, and also has Cotts' agent saying that the Yankees passed on Cotts because of concerns about future workers comp claims.

Ben Lindbergh has a piece at BP, that includes some quote-gathering and input from Jason Cole, about the mechanical adjustments Cotts has made, which includes quotes from Round Rock pitching coach Brad Holman, as well as gifs showing the changes that Cotts has made.