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Darvish and Perez to start Monday's doubleheader

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WIth a split doubleheader on Memorial Day, the Rangers have opted to bring up Martin Perez to start one of the games


The Rangers have a rare scheduled doubleheader on Monday in Arizona. This is actually a neat idea, and I'm a little surprised more teams don't do it on holidays...I remember several years ago when the Rangers weren't even scheduled to play on Memorial Day, and now they're going to play a pair.

In any case, Yu Darvish has been set to start one of the games, but the starter of the second game had been up in the air. Last night, however, the Rangers announced that Martin Perez would be starting the other game.

As we have discussed, the new CBA includes a provision that allows teams to add a 26th man for most doubleheaders. The 26th player has to be active for both games. The roster has to go back down to 25 the following day.

So Martin Perez will be recalled to start on Monday, although it isn't a given the Rangers will use Perez as the 26th man.

For example...the Rangers could, theoretically, add Martin Perez and send someone else -- say, Ross Wolf or Joe Ortiz -- to the minors. They could then bring Cory Burns up as the 26th man, since the player brought back as the 26th man isn't subject to the 10 day waiting period after being optioned to be recalled. Then, if the Rangers wanted to keep Burns up, they could send Wolf or Ortiz -- whichever wasn't originally sent down -- to the minors the next day, getting the roster back to 25.

Perez has pitched four games in the minors this year, all in May, after missing time with a broken arm in spring training that likely cost him the opportunity to be in the Opening Day rotation for the Rangers. While his first three outings weren't great, Perez went 7 innings against Reno on May 21, striking out 7, giving up 3 hits, and allowing no runs or walks. That outing apparently earned him the start on Monday over Josh Lindblom and Ross Wolf.