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Colby Lewis Goes 4 IP in Shaky Rehab Outing

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Colby Lewis makes another rehab start for AAA Round Rock, and his performance suggests he's still a ways away from facing major league hitters


Colby Lewis made another rehab start for Round Rock tonight, facing off against the Memphis Cardinals, and had a less than stellar outing.

Lewis threw 60 pitches (34 strikes) over 4 innings, striking out 2, walking 2, and allowing 6 hits and 3 runs. His main problems were early on, as both walks and all three runs were recorded in the first two innings. Lewis faced the minimum in both the third and the fourth innings, though he gave up a hit in each of those innings -- the baserunner in the third was erased on a GIDP, and the runner in the fourth was caught stealing to end the inning (and Lewis's outing).

I've seen no reports of Lewis's velocity tonight. In his last outing, he was around 85-86 mph and topped out at 87. While Lewis isn't a flamethower anymore, it doesn't mean that his velocity is irrelevant...he can't survive throwing in the mid-80s in the majors, and he himself has said he needs to be at 88-91 mph to be ready to face big league batters.

You can see the box score and game log from tonight's Round Rock/Memphis game here.